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The optimal dose of Xanax 2mg should be adjusted to the severity of the symptoms and the individual patient’s response. The dose should be kept as low and the duration of treatment as short as possible (see «Warning and Precautions»).

The usual doses (see below) are sufficient for most patients. From the starting dose, the dose is slowly increased to prevent excessive sedation. In the few patients who require a higher dose, the dose should be increased very carefully to avoid undesirable effects. If the dose is increased, the evening dose should be increased first and the daytime dose later. In general, a slightly lower dosage is indicated for patients who have not received prior psychotropic medications than for patients who have been previously treated with tranquilizers, antidepressants, or hypnotics, or who have a history of chronic alcoholism. In elderly patients or patients with a weak general condition, the use of the lowest effective dose is generally recommended in order to avoid ataxia or oversedation. Patients should be reassessed periodically to allow for any dose adjustments.

If Xanax retard is administered once a day, it is preferable to take it in the morning. The prolonged-release tablets should be swallowed whole and not chewed, broken or divided.